The Offside Rule 2016/17 - Episode 9

Dec 08, 2016, 04:32 PM

It's a special episode of The Offside Rule (We Get It!) this week, as the trio of Lynsey Hooper, Kait Borsay and Hayley McQueen is back together! We're getting in the spirit of Christmas (sort of) by looking at Santa's sack race. No, it's not about the presents he's bringing, but rather a P45...who do we think will be the first manager to receive this lump of coal in their stocking? Bob Bradley and Alan Pardew naturally crop up, but what about the outsider who isn't fitting in to his new club? Now, it’s annoying when friends show you up by sending Christmas cards at the beginning of December isn’t it? What about when footballers or teams do the same - which team topped their table before crashing down to 6th? And which fans got ahead of themselves with a play-off pitch invasion? We've seen some dramatics recently - including big comebacks for Bournemouth and Swansea against Liverpool and Crystal Palace respectively - so we look at some of the best comebacks and on-pitch dramatics in recent years...are their any teams who've been involved more than others? There's loads of great content to discover at - you can pop over to Twitter @OffsideRulePod and Like our Facebook page.