The Boat Galley – 25: The galley in motion

Dec 26, 2016, 09:32 AM

Habits you need to develop to stay safe in the galley. Carolyn Shearlock has spent many years living aboard boats in the Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean – both mono and multihulls. Added to that, she has a best-selling cookbook, so she has plenty of useful advice for anyone contemplating time in the galley. In this podcast, she outlines her key advice for boat cooks. And don’t forget, even in the stillness of a marina the wake from other boats can topple your hot pots and sizzling pans. Stay safe. The Boat Galley is one of the most popular cruising and boating sites on the internet. Each day, Carolyn posts tips and tricks for making your boating life better. She is currently in The Bahamas, poised for a passage to the USVIs.