#79: Lookin' for Good News

Jun 17, 2014, 09:19 PM

1- Lookin for good news, found shootings 2- Seattle, Oregon, Vegas...I can't keep up 3- They’re not school shootings, they’re shootings that took place at a school 4- Shootings and racism are like hot dogs and apple pie 5- Obama palling around with terrorists again 6- Long beard, you must be terrorist, or Duck hunter 7- New bible endorsed by same Jesus that brought you guns 8- Obama multitasking started Iraq war while engineering economic collapse 9- C’mon Eric Cantor let's vote down Obamacare one last time 10- Congrats San Antonio 11- Congrats LA Kings 12- World Cup, it’s the greatest game blah blah blah 13- Whooping Cough is here....take that Bird Flu