The Life Aquatic - The Voyage of Southern Cross

Jan 06, 2017, 10:38 AM

Howard Rice sets sail TODAY, January 6th, on a perilous journey around Tierra del Fuego in a boat less than 12 feet long. He built Southern Cross himself, from a John Welsford design. It is equipped with a tent, a wood-burning stove and numerous GoPro cameras. It is packed with enough food to last him three months. Today Howard begins a dance with the elements that’s set to last many weeks. Originally, this was to be a single journey, an ambitious passage but a one off. However, in the past few days, Howard’s undertaking has caught the imagination of a great many people and the Voyage of Southern Cross has increased considerably in scope. A producer has been in touch; some sponsorship has materialised; schools have committed to the project. There’s a serious proposal to make a documentary series. Now, this foray into the waters around Cape Horn is to be the first in a number of journeys, taking in some of the most fascinating, most awe-inspiring and, in some cases, most isolated places in the world. Children across the globe will be able to interact with Howard LIVE via satellite communications. Camera drones will follow him into uncharted waters and a production team will ensure that every aspect of his voyages will be recorded. Boat Radio will be there too – every step of the way – discovering wonders along with him. The destination list is yet to be determined. All we know is that the Sea of Japan will be Howard’s second challenge; Lake Namtso in Tibet possible the third. We are delighted to say that the Balearic Islands – home to Boat Radio – will also likely be on the list. By trade, Howard is a college professor, based in Micronesia. He is passionate about ocean conservation, education and, of course, tiny boats. The first leg of Howard’s journey is the subject of an upcoming documentary film, Below 40 South. Boat Radio spoke to Howard and to designer John Welsford a few days ago.