She’s Boo’d Up Again - Ep 83

Jan 10, 2017, 11:02 AM

How many of you have been ditched by your bestie or girlfriend for a man? In this episode, women describe their disappointment with their besties and girlfriends who forget who their good good friends are.    Girls who drop their best friends for their boyfriends. Winter is officially cuddling season. Cuddle season means his and her sweats, socks, and blanky   She can never talk, she can never hang out, she’s ALWAYS with her boyfriend. What happened to the meaning of BFF?   Your terrified of losing her but at the same time you don’t want this NOW one-sided friendship to destroy you until there is nothing left in your tank.   HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLES Click here Click here - YAY! THIS ONE GOT PROMOTED BY HUFFPO   Your Weekly Target Shopping Link Take advantage of this week's discounts here:   The Friggin Truth. Grab your free copy before the new one launches.  Click here   Get Social With Nina Tweet or connect with me @ninababel on Twitter, Snapchat, and IG, or join the Keep it 100 FB page.    ABOUT NINA Nina works as a Social Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Girlcircle TV on YouTube, EducatingHER, Keep it 100 Girl Podcast, Lifestyle Writer, IT Consultant - NIBA, Modern Edgy Urban by Nina includes her line of t-shirts and greeting cards, and Author-to-Be of What Your Mother Didn't Tell You, But Your Girlfriend Did. Her services include self-worth coaching and motivational speaking. My passion and purpose is to give women of all ages the boost of confidence needed to take their self-worth to the next level.  She physically resides in Washington, DC Metro Area, but mentally on a beach. She is devoted to empowering young women, who are in pivotal times of their lives to celebrate every facet of embarrassment. Nina speaks to young women about socially and sexually awkward topics related love, sex, dating, and sexual health. Nina can be found laughing the loudest, finishing a cup of Cold Stone Creamery, or traveling somewhere exotic with a beach. You can find more of her brand on