The Offside Rule 2016/7 - Episode 11

Jan 12, 2017, 05:02 PM

Happy new year listeners from Lynsey Hooper, Hayley McQueen and Kait Borsay. If you've emerged from your turkey-induced slumber and need to know what did (and didn't) make the headlines over the new year, look no further. We catch up on the festive footy and reveal the results of our December predictions - which of our trio got every darn thing right? It's 2017 and the diet plans are already on hold.. time to talk Chinese takeaways. With the mega-nation seemingly wanting to buy everything in English football, what else can we offload to them for the right price? 30 minutes of listening pleasure, brought to you by Offside Productions. Big thanks to Ed Scott this week for producing and editing the show. You can find Ed at: There's loads of great content to discover at - you can pop over to Twitter @offsiderulepod and Like our Facebook page, 'The Offside Rule'.