Return of The Trumpster

Jan 14, 11:37 AM
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<user-5006573> - 3 months ago

Well done


markhamillcrc - 7 months ago

I love it!!! Go Mark! :')


kathy_yeatter - 9 months ago

This is the hardest I've laughed since before the election. You've somehow taken something pathetic and made it hilarious. Thank you!


Ulmeyda - 9 months ago

Love that Joker... :)


najwalaylah - 9 months ago

This is the way I want to hear *everything* Our Leader has to say, so that it may never be forgotten.


TsunadeShiShou - 9 months ago

OH god, this is scary. Makes me feel better imagining (and hearing) it as The Joker versus the reality. PLEASE keep doing these, Mark. We need them. <3