01/16/2017 The Joel Blank Show Hour 3

Jan 16, 2017, 10:05 PM

During the final hour Joel and Travis begin by discussing the officiating in the Divisional Round games. Joel gives his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers throw to Jared Cook and his performance vs. the Dallas Cowboys. They switch to Antonio Brown and give their thoughts on him recording Mike Tomlin’s rant and posting it on Facebook Live. Staying on topic Joel and Travis discuss teams, players and coaches getting mic’d up and its rules and protocols. Travis and Joel explain how PR Reps of teams police what is said in the locker rooms. They close the show giving their thoughts on balloting for the MLB Hall of Fame becoming transparent now so everyone will be able to see who voted for who. #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #DallasCowboys #PittsburghSteelers #AntonioBrown #MikeTomlin #MLB #MLBHallOfFame