Funky bells of Llangollen

Jan 28, 2017, 12:58 PM

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Reimagined by Morgan Davies.

"I chose to work with this sound recording primarily because my family has some history in the hills and valleys of Llangollen, and I liked the quality and texture of the original recording, which features a classic wedding bell peal such as one might hear all over the UK (in this case, the peal starts off as a descending scale in B flat major). I love the way that the implicit melodies and harmonies change during the course of a bell peal, as the mechanical delay in the physical act of ringing the bells causes subtle yet profound time shifts. Deciding that the original recording was much too nice to chop up into pieces, I opted to use it in its entirety as the background texture for a very light-hearted, festive-sounding funk instrumental piece."