Immersed and Dissolved (Hagia Sophia)

Jan 28, 2017, 01:12 PM

Part of the Sacred Spaces project - find out more at

Reimagined by James Kent.

"The original recording of Interior of Hagia Sophia interested me because of the attached memories and the attachment of visitors looking on and wondering about the history, people, noises that were present in it original use. I chose to immerse and dissolve the piece as a way to illustrate the changing and re-planting of memories.

With the sound of original recording being re-imagined by being immersed and then dissolved in the Dee Estuary the piece creeks and splutters as the small speaker becomes engulfed with salty water. Unfiltered and unedited this original recording re-positions the notion of a sacred memory and remembering past events. Such as with the Interior of the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul the recording offers an alternative use of the echoes that previously existed from this sacred place."