Hounds of War (Asiago)

Jan 28, 2017, 03:14 PM

Part of the Sacred Spaces project - find out more at http://www.citiesandmemory.com/sacredspaces

Reimagined by Antriksh Bali.

"What pulled me to this recording was the fact that while most other spaces / sounds seemed to be based more towards closed spaces (however big they might have been), I imagined this place to be more ‘open’. That was one factor. Another factor was the audio had these bass under-tones to them and it just painted a bleak picture, something that I thought could really work with from the perspective of how I look at sounds. The audio in particular was more mechanical / industrial in nature and I feel more comfortable working with sounds of that nature.

What struck me as prominent throughout the recording was this undertone of a sound throughout that sounded like a nearby airplane. I started trying to model some of the sounds I could hear in the recording using software analog synths. While initially, the idea was to model everything with analog synths, due to certain limitations I had to get a bit creative. I approached the entire reimagining in the form of layers. Having started with a realistic bass sound that was somehow similar to the plane in the distance, I decided to imagine what things would sound like from the perspective of the distant plane. Furthermore, on doing a bit more research about where this was recorded, I realised that it was something like a war memorial. I felt that this setting was perfect to demonstrate with sounds, the horrors and destruction that often accompanies war. As I added more layers, I added in more elements that were new and more dissonant and eventually ended up with a track that is more “fantastical” in nature, rather than realistic. To sum up, my idea was to depict what a fighter plane going into war hears (if not realistically or externally, you could also assume some of those sounds could be things soldiers might hear internally or in the world around them during a war)."