Immersed and Dissolved: Sacred collaboration

Jan 28, 2017, 03:23 PM

Part of the Sacred Spaces project - find out more at

Reimagined by James Kent.

"This recording caught my ear as with the beat there was an element of nature and collaboration running through the work. I wanted to capture this element of collaboration through a natural space that was not influenced by man but by the elements. I chose to add the element of vibration to re-ignite the Matachines dancers in an alternative environment.

Plunged into a rock pool with a sheet of thin ice covering the top with the original recording being played through two small speakers creating small but significant vibrations on top of the ice. Making the razor clams at the edge of the ice pool shift and vibrate to the Matachines dancers beat. A constant state of flux with each element working together to share the vibrations. The razor clams becoming immersed slowly in the pool as the ice slowly cracks with the echoes of the Matachines dancers."