Mental Health

Jan 31, 2017, 12:00 AM

Conversion therapy? Suicide and race? Forcibly sectioned? Mental health.

This month we’re joined by Chama, Carl and Nicolle who trusted us enough to tell us their journey with mental health.

Our first guest is Chama, a black spoken word poet diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Chama describes what it’s like to wrestle with multiple suicide attempts, the expectation of being a man today, and the pressures of strong African values. (@chama_kay)

Second is attorney Carl joining us from NYC. Carl is a trans man, who as a queer young person was subjected to religious conversion therapy. He schools us on what it’s like to be ‘treated’ for a part of your identity as though it is a curable illness. (@oh_rarl)

Our final guest is Nicolle, diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She shares her story of what it’s like to be sectioned in the UK today and the hurdles one has to jump through to get the help needed. (@probablynotno)

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