698 - Premier African Minerals #PREM Challenger Acquisitions #CHAL Toople #TOOP

Jan 31, 2017, 12:23 PM

George Roach, CEO of Premier African Minerals #PREM discusses progress at the RHA Tungsten Mine, their Zulu Lithium project and their funding. (Interview starts at 1 minutes 22 seconds)

Mark Gustafson, CEO of Challenger Acquisitions #CHAL talks about the disposal of Starneth and opportunities going forward. (Interview starts at 14 minutes 8 seconds)

Andy Hollingworth, CEO or Toople #TOOP covers some of the highlights from their first set of final results as a listed company. (Interview starts at 22 minutes 12 seconds)

Today's suggested, "One for your Watchlist", is: Prospex Oil & Gas (PXOG) (Feature starts at 31 minutes 6 seconds)

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