Time Travel Incorporated [Audio Drama]

Feb 02, 2017, 10:34 AM

You cannot change anything that has happened. That’s not a threat or a challenge, it’s a fact. Believe me, people have tried. If you do try to stop something that you know happens, then something will go wrong, possibly resulting in a personal injury. You should be travelling purely as an observer, nothing more. Do you understand?

A funny, touching audio play about time travel. Recorded in front of a live audience at London’s LOST Theatre.

Written by Peter Davis Directed by George Maddocks Produced by Mariele Runacre Temple Sound Recording and Post Production by Tshari King and Erika Bansaki Sound Assisted by Dimitar Angelov Live Foley by Ally Friedman

Starring; Andrew Macbean, Daniel Rodruigez, David Beck, Jessica Dennis, Neil Frost, Adam Hall

#sciencefiction #timetravel #audiocomedy #liveradiodrama