Talking Paper #6 René Sascha Johannsen, Trice Angie Christiansen & Ben Pomeroy

Feb 03, 2017, 06:04 PM

Episode date, January 26th, 2017: Neighbors is the theme of this episode of Talking Paper on Radio Free Brooklyn. I begin by interviewing my next door neighbors René Sascha Johannsen & Trice Angie Christiansen about print media influences in their native Denmark (and beyond), Trice's skin care line RAAW in a jar, and Rene's documentary work with Danish band Lukas Graham. Next, I listen to my downstairs neighbor Ben Pomeroy read the story of his brief-but-memorable trip to Havana, Cuba 16 years ago, and two locals who inspired him to write down his tale for posterity. Finally, I read an excerpt from Chris Campanioni's The Brooklyn Rail review of Cuban author Pablo Medina's poetry chapbook, The Island Kingdom. René S Johannsen website:

RAAW in a Jar website:

Ben Pomeroy website:

Chris Campanioni "The Island Kingdom" review:

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