Final Mark Forrest network evening show on BBC Local Radio

Episode 1299,   Feb 06, 2017, 09:54 PM

After four years, the The Mark Forrest Show, made for the BBC local radio network by Wire Free Productions, chaired by former Radio 1 controller Matthew Bannister, ended on Thursday 2nd Feb 2017.

The programme’s arrival on the network’s 39 stations had been greeted by some hostility, not least from those whose local  programmes had been displaced  - and their friends around the network, some of whom allegedly had to be reminded about their professional responsibilities.

I rate Matthew - and I rate Mark. Matthew’s company won a decent tender; and Mark’s a great presenter.  The sort of remarks received by the programme were unjustified and typical examples of the excesses of social media.

My view is that  Mark  - and Matthew’s team are doing a pretty fine job of a bad idea. I just take issue to this day with the strategy, which continues. This sort of networking seems a puzzling tactic for the network - and the cost of the overall production amazes me. If it was a really cost-efficient option, I’d maybe have a bit of professional sympathy with a difficult decision. But I’m not sure it is.

Enjoy here bits of Mark’s valedictory performance, before he handed the baton to Georgey Spanswick.