Winter Wonderland -- Christmas Karaoke

Nov 24, 2011, 03:46 PM

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @ethegoddess and include my name so I don't miss your reply songs! I am really looking forward to hearing them!!! xoxo #Christmas #Comedy #WinterWonderland #HappySinging #ChristmasSong

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BradleyJDuffy - almost 6 years ago

I clicked on your link, and have recorded a song. A little embarrassed, I will get better, apologies for the kind of lame intro but it was done on the fly after being Grinchified. Thank you for keeping spirits up!


eTHEgoddess - almost 6 years ago

Thank you all for your wonderful support! It means to world to me and my lame singing... xoxo


alberth - almost 6 years ago

Nice! It just snowed yesterday in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada so we are getting in the mood.


spare-shade - almost 6 years ago

That was beautiful!!!!

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__christinastuff - almost 6 years ago

Love you!!!!!


offsidebastard - almost 6 years ago

I loved it Erika, and you can sing. You are perfect!