Sensory Speed Dating and the Science of Attraction (ft. Jen Wong)

Feb 14, 2017, 06:58 AM

In a world of dating apps and Tinder, vision dominates our sense of attraction, but it's not the whole story. Join us as Jen Wong, co-founder of the experiential Guerilla Science, reveals the important role that each of our senses play in deciding who's hot, and who's not. From the power of a touch, to the attractive smelling orangutan, and an experiment in sexy voices, grab your blindfold and get ready for some sensory speed dating.

Mixtape: 1. Electric Feel by MGMT 2. Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins 3. Loud Places by Jamie XX ft. Romy 4. So Real by Jeff Buckley 5. History of Touches by Bjork 6. Can't Do Without by Caribou

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