The Craziest Places She Had Sex - Ep 96

Feb 23, 2017, 11:30 AM

Remember those what was I thinking moments we had back in EP49? This is the sequel. I asked these girls for their 50 shades of cray cray. I asked women for their raw unedited answers to the craziest place they had sex and they did. Pillow top horizontals get boring after awhile huh.  We don’t realize it but all have a thrill seeker side in us beyond the bedroom. Who knows? Maybe one of these stories is you.    Tune in. Let me know what you think! @ninababel Remember to Keep it 100!   HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLES Click here - Post Valentine's post  Click here - YAY! THIS ONE GOT PROMOTED BY HUFFPO Click here - YAY! THIS ONE GOT PROMOTED BY HUFFPO   Shop till Yuh Drop This Week. Here's Your Weekly Target Shopping Link Take advantage of this week's discounts at Target by clicking here: Take advantage of Free Shipping on all online orders of $25 or more Link:   Breather PROMO CODE Breather workspaces has great views and all the amenities you need to focus and get productive. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to find beautiful, practical spaces you can reserve on the go. Find a location or if you’re traveling to a metropolitan city like NY, LA, SanFran, DC, Toronto, Montreal, London, Palo Alto, Boston, or Chicago and need a workspace for a few hours and try it using my promo code:QFKJZA.You will get a great discount with at least 80% off on the first hour. Get Social With Nina Tweet or connect with me @ninababel on Twitter, Snapchat, and IG, or join the Keep it 100 FB page.  Subscribe to the Keep it 100 Girl Show Subscribe to the show on iTunes and write a 5-star rating and review. This what helps my show keep shining and give you the Ninalove you need each week.  ABOUT NINA Nina works as a Social Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Girlcircle TV on YouTube, EducatingHER, Keep it 100 Girl Podcast, Lifestyle Writer, IT Consultant - NIBA, Modern Edgy Urban by Nina includes her line of t-shirts and greeting cards, and Author-to-Be of What Your Mother Didn't Tell You, But Your Girlfriend Did. Her services include self-worth coaching and motivational speaking. My passion and purpose is to give women of all ages the boost of confidence needed to take their self-worth to the next level.  She physically resides in Washington, DC Metro Area, but mentally on a beach. She is devoted to empowering young women, who are in pivotal times of their lives to celebrate every facet of embarrassment. Nina speaks to young women about socially and sexually awkward topics related love, sex, dating, and sexual health. Nina can be found laughing the loudest, finishing a cup of Cold Stone Creamery, or traveling somewhere exotic with a beach. You can find more of her brand on