The one where we are moody about moods

Feb 26, 2017, 09:01 PM

Moods- constantly bad or gleefully good? In this episode Luke and Lucy try to figure out their moods and attempt to get to the root cause of bad ones. Lucy shares why her hair dictates her moods, Luke reveals why he’s been in a foul mood recently. Lucy gives her thoughts on why people are happier at Christmas and what alcohol does to her moods. Luke and Lucy argue over which sex has the worst mood swings. Luke lists the top ten ways to instantly change your mood. Plus, TV psychologist Emma Kenny returns to the podcast to offer her theory on moods, the power of positivity and why healthy eating is a mood game changer. Luke reveals what happened to him on the London Underground that caused an enraged mood, Emma explains why winning the lottery won’t permanently change your mood and why celebrities are the moodiest bunch of people!

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