AS I WAS GOING TO STOURBRIDGE FAIR (Taster for Documentary Feature)

Feb 28, 2017, 10:43 AM

Taster of a documentary feature format by Historyworks about The Leper Chapel in Cambridge which would be a metaphor for the outsider in society ( particularly the migrant and trading traveller) because the documentary will explore the stories of this plot over 800 years and will have a gripping sound texture to create a poetic exploration with Michael Rosen's responses and will be layered up with found sounds and poetry from local children and sound improv work with community choirs to create a rich audio texture... the voices you will hear in this taster recorded by HistoryWorks are those of the historians Eamon Duffy and Honor Ridout, The Singing History Primary Choir at HistoryWorks Concert, and the response of the poet Michael Rosen.... interviews by Helen Weinstein, and voices recorded by Mario Satchwell & Jon Calver... to be developed into a long form documentary format with Michael Rosen with the recordings of further voices at the Leper Chapel plot of travellers, archaeologists, historians, singers and poets....