Blockchain, Snapchat & Trumpenomics - Newscape Capital Group

Mar 01, 2017, 11:40 AM

Former UK PM David Cameron has said that Bitcoin and Blockchain technology have the potential to improve both financial inclusion and government transparency.

Has Cameron oversold on future prospects of Blockchain and Bitcoin or is there a long-term value here?

To know more, we talk to Charlie Morris, Fund Manager at Newscape Capital Group, who says the technology is still far behind Visa or Mastercard but does have the potential to make it big in the future.

Morris also talks about Snap IPO and its entry into entering the digital advertising market where the incumbents are two powerful behemoths: Facebook and Google.

The segment concludes with a discussion on Trumpenomics - lower taxes, higher spending. Morris calls it as Reganomics and explains whether the model is sustainable in the long-run.

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