Phakta Ladh Mhana Ep. 07 - Indrajeet Deshmukh

Mar 05, 2017, 04:35 PM

The seventh episode of "Phakta Ladh Mhana" features Indrajeet Deshmukh who runs a de-addiction and rehabilitation center in Balewadi, Pune called "Practical Life Skills Farm". He is also one of the co-founders of "Santulan," a program which helps addicts kick the habit and provides them with employment opportunities as well.

A couple of decades ago, Indrajeet fell prey to the "powder", i.e. brown sugar. He became addicted to it and soon his life began to spiral out of control. Somewhere, in the fogged recesses of his mind, however, Indrajeet knew that this wasn't the life he was supposed to be living. With the help of friends, family, and some really good counselors Indrajeet managed to clean up his act. Now, for the last ten years now, he has stayed clean and has helped countless other addicts to clean up their act, too.

In this episode, Shrikant and the Red FM team present the story of Indrajeet Deshmukh and the incredible journey that took him to the brink of devastation and back.

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