Talking Paper #8 Chris Campanioni, John Gosslee, and PANK & Nomadic Invasions

Mar 06, 2017, 06:15 PM

Episode date, February 23rd, 2017: I travel to Washington D.C. for the 2017 AWP Conference and Bookfair, where I interview writer, teacher, and model Chris Campanioni, who edits PANK magazine and is the author Death of Art, published by C&R Press. I also interview C&R and PANK owner John Gosslee.

Chris Campanioni website:

John Gosslee website:

C&R Press website:

Death of Art:

Tall As You Are Tall Between Them:

Next, a recorded selection of readings from the PANK & Nomadic Invasions author showcase at Sixth Engine restaurant. The event was co-organized by Nomadic Press and PANK magazine during AWP 2017, and featured 14 authors, including:

Cassandra Dallett, reading "The Day Prince Left"

George Anderson, reading from "The Kaleidoscope Kid" Anderson's website:

Natasha Dennerstein, reading "Love Me, I'm Fake" & "Serial Eileen" Dennerstein's website:

Ariel Francisco, reading "The Young Men Along the Bar Are Too Tired Even to Die" Francisco's website:

Hollie Hardy, reading "The Animal Trail of Tears" Hardy's website:

Beth Ann Miller, reading "Your Bones" Your Bones PANK version:

Roberto F. Santiago, reading "The Domestican" & "I Was Set up to Fail But Never Given The Chance To" Santiago's website:

Annie Christain, reading "He Developed the Habit of Playing Airs, Most Correctly, Upon His Chin: March 3rd 1994, Rome"

Elwin Michael Cotman, reading from his upcoming novella

Next, Joy Deva Baglio, reading from "Ron"

Matthew Siegel, reading a poem inspired by California's Bay Area Siegel's website:

Sidney Taiko, reading "Here be Monsters" Here Be Monsters PANK version:

Raina J León, reading "Poet Anxiety Disorder" León's website:

Will Cordeiro, reading "Dialogue With The Moon"

PANK magazine website:

Nomadic Press website:

PANK & Nomadic Invasions:

Sixth Engine website:

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