The Killing of Freddie Gray, Episode 1 – 80 Minutes


March 6, 2017 / 80 minutes passed between the time Freddie Gray was loaded into a police transport van and he emerged unconscious. The Baltimore Police Department said that van carrying him took six stops during that time. But the police took a long time to release all of the information about that morning. How does their story add up?

Episode scoring music by AnimalWeapon, Blue Dot Sessions, Chris Zabriskie, Fleslit, H-LR, Jahzzar, Remain and Uncanny Valleys.

#undisclosed #freddiegray #justiceforfreddie

Mar 06, 10:59 PM
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Eckymos1 - 5 months ago

unbelievable.... but it's the judicial system that convict those that can't speak up for themselves. and sets free those that have a band of brothers as a shield. #SMH