s02ep11 - Sea Sharking

Mar 14, 2017, 11:05 PM

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Ira’s back, and so is Jon Mark Lundell. Those guys join us for the show and talk about their new kids CD, “King Cake & The Boogie Woogies”. Enjoy a few clips and laugh along as Ira & Jon Mark hang out for the show.

Jeff went to the Lexington, KY Comic & Toy Con where he saw Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, among others, and interviewed Ming Chen and Bryan Johnson from AMC’s, ‘Comic Book Men’. Oh, and also Jeff did some c-sharking. Allegedly.

Tim and Jeff have decided to quit smoking (as of this posting) and will continue to update everyone on their progress on future episodes of Radio Labyrinth.

PLUS: Steph’s News to Us, Latest releases with The Red Box Troll, The Walking Dead, a FurKids update, some Regular Guys memories, Richard Simmons stops by, Paul Stanley’s This Week in Television History and more!

Get your copy of Ira Malkin's, "King Cake & The Boogie Woogies" album here: https://kingcakekids.com/home.

From the site: "King Cake’s songs tribute artists such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Louis Jordan, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Rufus Thomas, Louis Prima, and others."

Thanks to Jon Mark Lundell for letting us use his background jam in the "Paul Stanley" bit. Check out Jon's music on his Soundcloud page (below). I think you'll remember a few of these from the Regular Guys Show. https://soundcloud.com/jon-mark-lundell

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