The one where we chomp on chocolate

Mar 19, 2017, 09:01 PM

Chocolate- dark or milk? In this episode Luke and Lucy satisfy their sweet tooth’s by exploring the world of chocolate. Lucy is disturbed by Luke’s knowledge of chocolate underwear; Luke explains how he used an Easter egg to make his girlfriend happy. Luke shares facts about chocolate, Lucy learns why white chocolate isn’t real chocolate and why chocolate can actually be lethal. Lucy shares what choc related disaster she had when she was a child. Plus, UK chocolate expert, Jennifer Earle is on the phone to tell Luke and Lucy why she spends her days touring chocolate shops in London. Jennifer tells Luke and Lucy what makes good chocolate, Lucy is shocked to discover the medicinal qualities of certain chocs. Luke asks Jennifer why Brits are so obsessed with chocolate. Jennifer shares why she is having some chocolate hand delivered from Belgium. Luke and Lucy also find out what some of the most disgusting tasting chocolate in the world is!

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