Ilona Andrews - One Fell Sweep | Book Chat Review (Why Everybody Is Falling in Love with Series?)

Mar 20, 2017, 03:06 AM

This Time we Review the #New Ilona Andrews #Book - One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles 3) And ask - Why is everybody falling in love with this series?

Earth, as we know it, is a busy way-station for extraterrestrials. However, the people of Earth don't know about other worlds or aliens yet, so by intergalactic treaty, aliens visiting Earth must stay at designated Inns and cannot reveal themselves to the native inhabitants. The Inns, and the Innkeepers who run them, are magically powerful and dedicated to two things: protecting their guests, and maintaining the ignorance of Earth's people to the existence of alien cultures. Dina Demille comes from a family of innkeepers and recently woke her own inn, Gertrude Hunt, from a slumber. As Gertrude Hunt is largely unknown, getting visitors and keeping a thriving inn is tough. Fortunately, Dina is also tough, but goes to extremes to make her visitors happy, whilst keeping the Inn a secret for the local population.

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