742 - #ECR Minerals, Independent Power Corp via #TLOU Energy, Premier African Minerals #PREM & Russ Mould

Mar 24, 2017, 12:03 PM

On today’s Vox Markets podcast: 24th March 2017 ECR Minerals #ECR Tlou Energy’s #TLOU gas to power partner, Independent Power Corporation Premier African Minerals #PREM Russ Mould, on #SOM #MRL #DIS

CEO Craig Brown & COO Ivor Jones of ECR Minerals #ECR talks about their recent news and progress at the company. (Interview starts at 1 minute 20 seconds)

Peter Earl, Executive Director of Independent Power Corporation, who are TLOU Energy's #TLOU coal bed methane to power project partner, talks about what attracted him to the project. (Interview starts at 13 minutes 40 seconds)

George Roach, CEO of Premier African Minerals #PREM answers private investor questions. (Interview starts at 24 minutes 23 seconds)

Russ Mould, Investment Director at stockbroker AJ Bell talks about the following stocks: Somero #SOM Marlowe #MRL Distil #DIS (Interview starts at 45 minutes 30 seconds)

Plus the Top 5 Most Followed Companies on Vox Markets in the Last 24 Hours & The Top 5 Most Liked RNS's on the Vox Markets website this morning. (Feature starts at 53 minutes 33 seconds)

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