David Cook, Casi Joy, Weird Injuries: SHOWcast Week In Review

Mar 24, 2017, 05:02 PM

It's been such a fun, exhausting week on #TheShowKC we decided to wrap a bunch of the best stuff up in one big package! First, his fan club was out in full force to listen for the latest from KC's very own American Idol, David Cook! @thedavidcook talked to Jen and Truta about working on new music, the Royals, the Big Slick charity event and more! Then, we get into a story from Ellen DeGeneres about the strange way she broke her finger...let's just say it involved wine and a door. That lead us into the strange ways we've all injured ourselves. Just wait until you hear these stories! Early in the week, the news was dominated by a huge fire that devastated a large apartment complex under construction as well as many houses in the adjacent neighborhood. Kim lives in one of the homes that back up to the site and was blessed to have her house spared by the fire. She related to us her experience in finding out about the fire and how the neighborhood is recovering. Finally, it was the interview that blew up our social media...Casi Joy @casijoymusic from Smithville is a contestant on this season's edition of The Voice on NBC. we spend some time getting to know Casi - her favorite music, TV shows, and would she ever eat a cake that a fan made for her? Find out today!