St. Anne's holy well and environs

Mar 26, 2017, 12:57 PM

Audio clip from the free Norman Way GPS audio tour:

You don't need to have any faith to appreciate the peaceful serenity of this beautifully preserved park in the picturesque village of Tomhaggard on The Norman Way in south Wexford. However, its Catholic pedigree is beyond question. Addressing the Old Wexford Society some forty years ago, noted Irish writer, Stephen Rynne, observed the following: - 'I can think of no other place in Ireland where Catholic continuity is so clearly preached. Within a small compass, there are holy wells dedicated to SS. Anne and James, the ruins of a medieval church, a Mass Rock, a penal chapel and an early 19th century church in present use. If there is any tenacity to the Faith, Tomhaggard monumentalises it, all the links are in place. it ought to be treble starred in the guide books and written in letters of gold on the maps'.

The Norman Way, Tomhaggard, Wexford