Episode 31: Womanhood - a Simulcast with Morado Lens

Mar 28, 2017, 01:00 PM

Hello again Duhmericana listeners!

This is our last week of Women’s Month, where we highlighted some important topics about womanhood near and dear to our hearts.

To wrap up the month, we connected with the amazing girls over at Morado Lens podcast, Cindy and Nat, for a simulcast! This means you can hop on over to their podcast and listen to the same content (and if you’re visiting from Morado Lens yourself, welcome!).

Cindy and Nat taught us a lot about what it means to embrace your “inner bruja”, your inner “witch.” Though some might shrink away from the negative connotations of the word, we discovered that all of us women have a heightened sense of intuition, usually picked up from our mothers (who, lets admit it, are always right!) and we operate in that intuition daily, from small decisions to larger gut feelings about people, places, events, etc.

Womanhood itself has this intuition built into it, and it’s probably something many of you have experienced, or perhaps have witnessed in the lives of women around you. Speaking of womanhood, we all contribute daily to the conversation about feminism, femininity, and the woman’s worldview. Wilx has her blog, www.lionsorchid.com, where she is creating a community for new and experienced moms where they can provide feedback and motivation to one another. Benzy, working in the educational field, aspires to inspire young women to pursue their dreams, and doesn’t shy away from being both strong and feminine as a way to showcase what true womanhood is to men in her life.

What does unleashing your inner bruja mean to you? In what ways are you contributing with your day to day life to the conversation about womanhood and the feminine experience? Let us know below!

If you’d like to connect with Morado Lens, find them anywhere you prefer to listen to podcasts, and on Instagram @moradolens.

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