#109 - The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Creating their Websites

Mar 28, 2017, 05:25 PM

Some experts have said if you don't have a website then you don't exist. Although this could be taken the wrong way, if potential customers and clients can't find you then they can't hire you. A website done well can communicate clarity and competence. It can also increase influence, impact, and income. A website done wrong can send people packing within seconds.

When creating websites most people make 3 common mistakes.

In this live episode you'll discover:

(1) What NOT to do: The top 3 mistakes people make when creating their website.

(2) What TO do: 3 components essential for communicating with online visitors.

(3) How TO do it: A bulletproof plan to help you increase your online influence.


  • Business leaders who want to spread their message
  • Non-profit influencers who want to propel their mission
  • Aspiring authors who have a story to share
  • Coaches and speakers who need more clients
  • Professionals who want to increase their credibility in the marketplace
  • Published authors who aren't sure how to market their books effectively

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