#158 - Alison Klemp of the Naked Show NYC

Mar 27, 2017, 12:00 AM

Caw-CAW! The eagle has landed, and that eagle is comedian extraordinaire Miz Alison Klemp! Let's just say she ruffles a few tail feathers in the Lovers' nest :)

Alison makes love to a ghost, Murf tries to warm his cold buns and Diana runs over a deer; meanwhile, Hoz is found with a teen boy in a local motel.

Get more Alison at AlisonKlemp.com, and hit up the Naked Show at the Creek and the Cave on March 31 at midnight. Don’t miss The Cinder Block Comedy Festival, Sept. 7th-Sept. 10th in Brooklyn. TIX: cinderblockcomedyfestival.com // @cinderblockfest