Milton McDonald - Jeff Lynne's ELO, Ray Davies & Take That

Mar 31, 2017, 06:00 AM

This episode of The StageLeft Podcast welcomes Milton McDonald, one of the most sought after session guitarists in the business.

Since 1993 Milton has been a constant touring musician with Take That, and a member of Jeff Lynne’s ELO since 2014. He has also played, toured, and received recording credits with Alice Cooper, Ray Davies, Smokey Robinson, Mick Jagger and Yes to name but a few. From one of the most diverse and skilful musicians, this interview is the epitome of the StageLeft Podcast.

From joining a band through a Melody Maker advert, Milton began a journey that will see him playing at Wembley in the summer.

Going into fabulous detail describing the arc of a session musician from the 80’s to the present, and bursting with insight and anecdotes, Milton gives a behind the scenes look that very few people have been privy to.

A truly unsung hero of the music industry, Milton discusses the common personality traits of successful musicians, the changing requirements and necessity of the session musician, and the pros and many personal cons of playing with in-ears.

From listening to the Kinks as a kid, to playing with Ray Davies for three years, Milton tells us just what can be learnt from Ray uniqueness. @thestageleftpod