ScathingAtheist 215: 1.21 Jigawatt Edition

Mar 30, 2017, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Dunning Freddy Krueger will rise again to haunt our nightmares, we examine the role of desserts in deciding how much you enjoy a penis, and we’ll somehow manage to be bored by a holy book to the third power. Diatribes Volume 2 is available now! Ebook:


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Headlines: Pat robertson says god is gonna give trump the health care win: Pope ranked 3rd in Fortune’s list of “greatest leaders” We do not fear death because we are the daywalkers Lance Wallnau knows a man who turned from gay to straight after eating anointed cake:

This Week in Misogyny: Ultra-orthodox jews crop smurfette out of promotional poster: OK State rep defends anti-abortion bill: “Rape and incest are the will of god.” Muslim women in India seek abolition of “say the magic word” instant divorce law: