Let's Talk Grammy's & Music with Songwriter/Producer/Voting Member Bill Cartini

Apr 04, 2017, 11:05 PM

Lets Talk Grammy's & Music with Songwriter/Producer voting member #BillCaterini . He shares with us the process of how he votes on an individual to get a Grammy.

My notable projects: "We Can Do More" - Bill Caterini, Sara James (On iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube...etc.)

E is For Erik - 2 children's albums: E Is For Erik, and (Don't Be A) Bully - available at all online stores/streaming, and at www.eisforerikmusic.com

The Slums (Montreal band), album: Episode 1.5, on all online sites plus at www.deliriumrecordz.com

The Brandon Smith Band, album: Honey, I'm Homeless - available on all online stores/streaming, and at: www.thebrandonsmithband.com

My collaborations: song: We Are One" - album, The Journey - David Longoria and Robert Eibach

Song: Count On You - Bill Caterini and Kathy Sanborn, from album: Action Moves People United (Producers: Kevin Mackie, Rupam Sarmah, Krista Wallhagen)

Grammy friends: Ricky Kej - new age winner (Winds of Samsara), and this year's world awareness project, Shanti Samsara

David Longoria

Kevin Mackie

My conferences: Cape May Singer-Songwriter music conference - Cape May, NJ - (I've been with for 8 years)

All Music Festival and Sustainability Conference - Ambler, PA (Rick Denzien and Brian Cronin)

Finally, my Facebook links: https://m.facebook.com/billcaterinimusic/ (My fan page) #music #grammys