751 - Nostra Terra #NTOG & Integumen #SKIN & John Meyer on Kodal Mins #KOD & Alan Green on #FDBK #VCP

Apr 05, 2017, 11:56 AM

On today’s Vox Market Podcast: 5th April 2017

Matt Lofgran, CEO of Nostra Terra #NTOG talks about their Texas Assets Reserves Report, released today. (Interview starts at 1 minutes 28 seconds)

Declan Service, CEO of Integumen #SKIN which floated on AIM today, explains what the business is about. (Interview starts at 10 minutes 4 seconds)

John Meyer, Mining analyst and partner at SP Angel talks about: Kodal Minerals #KOD (Interview starts at 16 minutes 40 seconds) Alan Green CEO of Brand Communications talks about: Feedback #FDBK & Victoria #VCP (Interview starts at 24 minutes 57 seconds)

Plus the Top 5 Most Followed Companies on Vox Markets in the Last 24 Hours & The Top 5 Most Liked RNS's on the Vox Markets website this morning.

(Feature starts at 34 minutes 54 seconds)

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