A glance into the future — how will AI change our lives?

Apr 06, 2017, 03:34 PM

This episode of The Sound of Economics focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). The important technological advancements in computer science and information systems move us towards the artificial intelligence era with the creation of computing machines and systems that perform operations analogous to human learning and decision making. How will our lives change in this new era?

Robert Atkinson shares his opinion on how AI will develop in the future and what we can expect from this development. Anna Byhovskaya addresses the widespread perception that AI will replace jobs as we know them. Is that a myth to be debunked or something we should be ready for? Merja Kyllönen discusses the role of legislators in the process of AI advancement, and Georgios Petropoulos emphasises other important issues to consider, such as the role of companies.

Our guests go on to discuss the specific ways in which AI might change the nature of work. They also debate whether it will have an impact on politics and the political process. Finally, they discuss what they think will be the biggest change resulting from AI development.

SPEAKERS Robert Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Anna Byhovskaya, Policy & Communications Advisor, TUAC/ OECD Merja Kyllönen, Member of the European Parliament Georgios Petropoulos, Research Fellow, Bruegel

CREDITS Produced and presented by Giuseppe Porcaro