This is Money show - the lucky dip of price hikes, the big investing question it's easy to overlook, Lifetime Isas and alarming credit card debt

Apr 07, 2017, 01:23 PM

The price of all sorts is going up this week - from stamps to council tax. This is Money's Rachel Rickard Straus and Lee Boyce play the lucky dip of price hikes - which involves a stop watch, chocolate eggs... and quick explanations of how bills are set to rise. Then it's on to debt - credit card, car... you name it. Is it a worry? Is it a big worry? What's going to happen next? (Spoiler alert - they think it's a worry.) The Lifetime Isa - Lisa - has just launched, so that's next on the agenda. Presenter George Frost and the This is Money team talk through whether Isas have had their day, why Lisas may or may not be a good idea, and the great whopping investing question that it's so easy to forget. And the grand finale... involves a lot of wretching. Well nearly -it would if the team weren't so well behaved. It's the Easter taste test, in which the supermarkets' not-very-finest chocolate eggs and bunnies are compared, as well as four types of hot cross bun.