Room Mate from ADi Access

Apr 09, 2017, 06:20 PM

Helen and Steve Holyer joined Tracy and Jo to chat about the Room Mate and to explain where the idea came from. You can hear a demo of the Room Mate too. To get in touch with the Room Mate team you can visit or email

ADI Access had one 10,000 loan from a start-up finance company and Helen received a £4,000 grant during the School for Social Entrepreneurs programme that I completed in 2015. We operate on the Social Enterprise model and do not take a salary for ourselves, we will ultimately, in the not foreseeable future, pay ourselves back the substantial savings that although we have personally invested in the development, manufacture and marketing of RoomMate. All of our income from the sales of RoomMate goes right back into the business so that we can continue to make improvements and manufacture more units. Most SME's fail within the first 2 years of trading, but here we are almost 3 years in and getting more well-known all the time.