Episode 5: About Face

Apr 11, 10:00 AM

April 11, 2017 / Sarah, Susan and Rabia discuss the response of Middle Eastern leaders to the Trump administration and the conflict in, and the US attack on, Syria.

Episode scoring music by Lobo Loco, Loch Lomond, New York Military Band and the American Quartet, Podington Bear, and Jahzzar.

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NoMoreCheetos - 7 months ago

If Sarah is going to continue holding these straw man arguments week after week I am not going to bother listening anymore. I came to listen to different viewpoints talk intelligently but consistently Sarah clings to poorly defended positions when presented with what really happened. Last weeks "tax payer funded abortions" myth and this weeks "we don't know who dropped the bombs". Please, if you want to play devil's advocate do it with a stronger argument. You're all intelligent women, you can do better.