Farewell Sweet Molly Brown - prose poem

For the benefit of anybody discovering this AudioBoo via another source, Farewell Sweet Molly Brown (a prose poem about the Somme battlefield of WW1) was first published in Every Day Poets on 11/11/2011. The full text may be found here http://www.everydaypoets.com/farewell-sweet-molly-brown-by-oscar-windsor-smith/ where you may comment and/or vote if you so choose. You may of course also comment here. Thank you for visiting and listening. #ProsePoetry #WorldWarOne #TheSomme

Dec 10, 2011, 08:57 PM
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OscarWindsor - almost 4 years ago

Thank you @myramg for listening to my reading, and for your generous praise *blushes*. I'm so pleased you enjoyed Ode to a Sock Puppeteer, on EDP today, too. That was only a bit of fun as you clearly appreciate (certain others appear less impressed ;) ). Thanks again. O


MyraMG - almost 4 years ago

Closed my dampening eyes, was transported - sublime, Oscar in name and honour - and your poem today in EDP was a real hoot!


OscarWindsor - over 5 years ago

Thank you so much @mariajakub for taking the trouble to listen and to respond. I appreciate your interest and your kind comments.

And a long-belated thank you to @seasidelandlady


MariaJakub - over 5 years ago

Okay Oscar Windsor--I hate signing up for anything, especially social groups, but I did just so that I could tell you your poetry is good and appealing, touching. And your reading voice is quite classic. Keep up the good work.


seasidelandlady - over 5 years ago

Poignant evocation of sadness,loss and restlessness.The reality of war is brought home with this beautiful and moving prose...I love it !