Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 111 :: News Bell-Chan

Apr 20, 2017, 06:10 AM

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Now that Con Month is over, we’re diving right into the new stuff! It’s the beginning of the new Spring 2017 season of anime and we cannot contain how excited we are for the mess of sequels and the original content that is coming out! Get ready to geek out with us as we get back into the swing and talking about some Japanese cartoons, yo!

Join Jonathan, Andrew, and Evan as we talk about what’s happening in anime and Spring Season 2017! PLUS – What to do with hug pillows, the anime box of shame, and “hello, Vor!”


Links and more on the episode's main page: http://nerdyshow.com/2017/04/wicked-anime-podcast-episode-111-news-bell-chan