Ice, Epilepsy, and a Pint of Science (ft. Elodie Chabrol)

Apr 23, 2017, 02:29 PM

This week we're joined by neuroscientist Elodie Chabrol who's on a mission to cure untreatable forms of epilepsy with gene therapy. When she's not in the lab she's busy bringing science to pubs and bars around the world through the fantastic Pint of Science festival in May. We get a sneak preview of some of the talks this year, including Elodie's own one - 'Sex, Voles, and Oxytocin' - as well as an icy challenge in the studio, does swearing help you withstand pain? Only one way to find out... BEEEEEPPPP

Mixtape: 1. I Like The Way This Is Going by Eels 2. Supernova Superstar by Sinclair 3. Miss Millie by K2R Riddim 4. Torrent by Asegir 5. My Girl by Otis Reading 6. Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

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