Xposure // 4.23.17

Apr 24, 2017, 01:43 PM

These are the local tunes that are going to be stuck in your head all this week.

The Lineup

La Guerre - Mystery Of My Bed CUDO - Easier Spirit Is The Spirit - Pillows The Philistines - A Twitch of The Death Nerve Mad Libby - Powder Blue The Yotes - California Lovers THE ARCHITECTS - Cadillac Not A Planet - Tell The Truth Official One Headlight High - Show Me State Of Mind Amanda Hughey Music -Little Tender Heart Young Medicine - Living Fiction Mime Game - Heavy Heart The Invisible World – Oughta Know The Phantastics – Bananas Shadow Rabbits – Truest Blue Upcoming Concerts: Apr 30th – Various Blonde - Record Bar

May 4th - The Philistines - The Riot Room

May 5th - The Invisible World - The Westport Saloon

May 6th - La Guerre - Mills Record Company