Karen Chapman, Gardening With Foliage First, Timber Press

May 04, 2017, 03:27 PM, Southwest Portland, Portland, United States

Peter Donegan chats with author Karen Chapman.

Alongside Christina Salwitz and published by Timber Press they have written Gardening With Foliage First. On that note, huge thanks to the very wonderful team at Timber Press for their help in making this interview happen.

Incidentally, Gardening with Foliage First is a recommended title by The Royal Horticultural Society, The RHS.

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Karen Chapman’s love of gardening led her to establish her container and landscape design business, Le Jardinet, in 2006. She writes regular garden-related articles for online and print publications and her work has been featured in numerous national magazines, including Fine Gardening and Better Homes & Gardens titles. Karen is also an instructor for Craftsy and a popular speaker at garden clubs, nurseries and Flower and Garden Shows across the country. She lives on 5 rural acres in Duvall, Washington, where she is trying to create her dream garden – despite the deer.

Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz have been traveling along parallel paths for many years as horticulturalists, designers, speakers and writers, sharing their passion for creating inspirational gardens with readers and audiences nationwide.

Their designs, articles and photographs have been featured in many national publications including Garden Design, Fine Gardening, Sunset and Better Homes and Gardens and they are both popular container gardening instructors, teaching at local community colleges and custom workshops. They have also earned a reputation for being as entertaining as they are informative – which they hope is a compliment!

In 2013 they published the award winning book Fine Foliage and have just released their second book Gardening with Foliage First (Timber Press, 2017)

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Gardening with Foliage First, by Timber Press web: www.fine-foliage.com facebook: finefoliage Karens Website and blog: www.lejardinetdesigns.com

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