Kaufman's Holiday Episode 12

Apr 24, 2017, 03:08 PM

Kaufman’s on a “holiday”, which is any day he’s not working a case. Like today, for instance. Anyways, this dame, Maura, comes into Sully’s bar. Her pop’s just thrown some big to do for her war hero brother. Only her brother’s a louse, and a Jew-hater to boot, and it’s debatable just how much a hero he actually is. What’s beyond question, however, is now he’s dead. Cops say it was an accident. Maura says she needs a P.I.

Looks like the holiday is over.

"Kaufman's Holiday" is about a self-loathing Jewish detective who's hired to investigate the death of an anti-Semitic war hero. Race hostility is ripe, income inequality abounds, corruption goes hand in hand with politics. Sound familiar? Welcome to 1945.

Name’s Matt Mitler. I wrote this book, and I’m reading from it. It’s serialized, so don’t go holding your breath for the denouement.

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