26.4 - Connect The Dots

Apr 26, 2017, 01:00 PM

An eerie imagining of what might have happened in the true-life mystery of wealthy New York socialite Dorothy Arnold, who vanished in 1910 never to be seen again.

Also featuring a musical performance by Silbin Sandovar: “Vaya Con Dios” written by Larry Russell, Inez James & Buddy Pepper

Recorded live at The Slipper Room as part of our “Missing Persons” show on Sunday, March 26th 2017.

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Featured in the cast: Ali Silva as Sylvia Greer Mary Murphy as Daisy Michael Pate as Foster James Rieser as Francis Arnold Kacie LaForest as Mary Arnold Eirik Davey Gislason as John Keith Bill Heidrich as George Griscom Allison Guinn as Marjorie Arnold and Hildy

Original story and radioplay by Rebecca Graves Directed by Annabelle Rollison Podcast production by Ali Silva, Greg Russ & Daniel Graves

Musical score improvised by Steve Blanco Theme music by Jason Graves Sound designer & engineer Greg Russ Technical director Johnny Goddard

Production coordinator Dalia Morali Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez, Ali Silva, Daniel Graves & Rebecca Graves for Fireside Mystery Productions

Copyright 2017 Fireside Mystery Productions http://www.firesidemysterytheatre.com @firesidemystery

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